David Vance is an American electronic musician, producer and DJ. A native of central Ohio, he has quickly begun making a name for himself throughout venues and clubs around Columbus. Unique to his style, Vance brings an electrifying presence to the stage and seems to never stop moving. He is fully interactive and responsive to the crowd, always maintaining high levels of energy. More than just a DJ, however, he takes pride in his showmanship and his ability to captivate audiences with his liveliness. Rather than simply directing, “Put your hands up,” he will raise his own and lead the audience in an almost ritualistic experience. Interaction is everything to him and has been proven time and again. The main contents of his set surround the heavier styles of electronic music, specifically dubstep. His sets are also known to contain trap, hybrid trap, riddim and future bass. Not just an act, Vance takes fan engagement seriously and recognizes the importance of quality interactions.